You have to Find a legit way to make more money (preferrably from home) like yesterday.

"I just can't get over how simple they break everything down for you!"

"This course is literally incredible!! I have learned so much already and I'm so excited to get things going. Your social media training has so many good nuggets in it. I was even hesitant purchasing this because I thought well everyone claims to have an awesome course, but this is legit. I just can't get over how simple they break everything down for you!"

- Britney

"I made $1500 in a DAY!!"

"I just still can't wrap my mind around it. I've never made $1500 in a week at ANY JOB I have ever held..and I made that a DAY!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"


"The Roadmap fills all of those

missing gaps"

"I've purchased three other courses in the past month and what I found was those courses had gaps in their programs. The Roadmap fills all of those missing gaps. What I love most about this course is the business fundamentals that no other course offers, along with the level of professionalism in video quality and explanation. It truly is a college level course!"


Everything you need to start

a thriving digital marketing

business in your spare time

with ZERO experience!

A comprehensive business, marketing, and automation course

With in-depth, easy to follow modules made with an absolute BEGINNER in mind! (trust me, if i can figure it out, anyone can)

A digital product to sell that is in HIGH DEMAND

The course itself! Done for you and ready to be sold for 100% profit. That profit always goes directly to you because the course is YOURS to keep!

Lifetime access to ongoing course updates & community support

With absolutely no monthly fees or charges. You get all the latest deets on the constantly evolving digital marketing industry

1:1 Help From Me for your

first 30 days

Nail down your niche, get clear on your products and content strategy & start with confidence. (trust me, you won't need me after that...and if you do, I'll be around!)

When You Dive Into

The Roadmap 2.0,

Here's what you'll find...

From Newbie & Clueless to Confident Entrepreneur

Laying the Foundation for your Passive Income Empire

Modules 1-5
  • Transform from complete novice to confident entrepreneur
  • From Brainstorming & Research to Branding Your Perfect Passive Income Business
  • No marketing or sales background required- get equipped with every tool and strategy to launch with unwavering confidence
  • Ditch the self-doubt and lay the foundation for a thriving online empire that aligns with your passions and generates steady streams of income.

Monetize While You Snooze

Build Your 24/7 Profit Machine...

Modules 6-15
  • The blueprint to Generating Income Around the clock
  • Master powerful, low cost (or FREE) automation tools that run your business 24/7
  • Step-by-step Video Modules that show you exactly how to set up every corner of the "tech side" of your biz.
  • In-depth resources that make set up and automating a breeze

Unleash the Marketing Master Within

From Side Hustle to Full Blown Business in No Time

Modules 16-21
  • Your Ultimate Guide to Success- whether you're a digital marketing novice or seasoned entrepreneur
  • Tackle potential challenges head-on
  • Create A blog or website and Optimize it with SEO
  • Craft messaging that resonates with your ideal coclient.
  • Maximizing your profit by learning the skills to get your business in front of as many eyes as possible

Perfect Your Social Media Content Strategy

Conquer Every Platform & Attract Your Ideal Buyer

Modules 22-28
  • Embrace the power of multi-platform marketing and how to repurpose while following the "social media rules"
  • Discover the style and platform that suits your personality and brand
  • Whether you prefer the comfort of voiceovers or the dynamic energy of talking head videos, this module will equip you with the skills to create captivating content that resonates with your ideal clients
  • In Depth, Step-by-step video modules on how to edit your videos using Capcut
  • As an added bonus, master the art of course creation in Kajabi and establish your own passive income stream

All of This For $1,296



  • Is This You?

  • You're a tired parent who is ready to have more time for their people, more head space for joy, and less worry every time another bill needs to be paid.
  • You're an overworked employee who is done investing their physical and mental health (and every ounce of free time) into a job that makes someone else rich.
  • You're a budding entrepreneur who is ready to take your skill to a new level and create legitimate income from passive systems.
  • You're a person who's watched enough side hustle videos to write a book, but still can't quite connect all the dots to start digital marketing correctly
  • You're an Affiliate Marketer or Side Hustler who is sick of grinding for little to no commission.
  • You're someone who wants more than two weeks off a year, 3 "sick days," and a salary that doesn't keep up with inflation.
  • You've tried every way to make money online, and nothing as worked.
  • You've got tons of ideas but you don't know how to make money with them.
  • You are ready to be debt free, retire early, and give your kids the life you never had.

It's not about the money...

It's about the Freedom.

And freedom looks like running a business that doesn’t rely on you 24 hours a day.

What Exactly is this Product?

In a nutshell, the Roadmap 2.0 is an extensive digital marketing course! It's 100% Video Modules with other resources attached within the course to supplement your learning.

It includes 28 in-depth modules, totaling over 250 videos, that will walk you through step by step, as a baby beginner, starting your own digital marketing business. Even if you know NOTHING about social media, digital marketing, or business ownership, you will be 100% equipped after taking this course.

What makes this product so unique is that you own it! This means you can also add this product to your existing catalogue (if you have one! you can totally JUST sell this one) and make 100% profit.

What do I get with my Purchase? How do I access the course?

Upon purchase you will receive an email with how to access all of your amazing products!

You'll receive the course itself, lifetime access to a resourceful community of like-minded business owners of all experience levels ready to help, and anh freebies offered!

The course is accessed on Kajabi- a platform that hosts courses. with detailed instructions on how to access your course, including directions on how to create a Kajabi profile (for free).

Each time you want to access the course materials or the community you will login to the course platform! You can also choose to download the course to your computer, since you do own it :)

Are there any upsells or hidden fees?

Nope! The Course is one price. There are no additional fees or upsells. You get access to all of the information the moment you purchase. There are no membership fees or monthly dues.

There may be other digital products I offer for a one-time discount when you purchase, but those are not typically included in the Roadmap- but could be a valuable resource to you down the line- so I enjoy offering them for a discount when purchasing the Roadmap!

What are Master Resell Rights?

True Master Resell Rights (MRR) products allow you to buy a digital product ONE Time and Resell that same product as your own for 100% profit. This is unique because you learn from this product, then have the freedom to resell it if you choose. You DO NOT have to create the product because we already created it for you.

Once you're inside the course, there is a module explaining everything you need to know about Master Resell Rights- and what you are allowed to do with the course. There's also instructions on HOW to resell the product!

All freebies included in this offer do NOT come with resell rights (unless otherwise noted). They are for you to learn from and use within your business to reach sucess quicker.

Does the Roadmap Teach Me Ways to Make Money Online?

The Roadmap teaches you how to set up an automated business, from scratch, as a complete beginner. This can be a business around ANYTHING you could possibly dream and can include digital products, services, coaching, memberships, affiliate products, or physical products.

The course teaches you HOW to market in the online space using organic marketing (social media). Marketing is how you will attract the right clients, create amazing content, and build a desire for your products and services. With quality and clear marketing, people will go to your link and purchase your products, if that product provides a solution to their problem. This is how you will make money online.

The Roadmap teaches you ALL the skills you need to be successful at creating an online business.

The course can be your first digital product. You own it, and are allowed to resell it for 100% profit. This is another way the course can make you money online.

Do I have to Resell The Roadmap?

NO! Reselling the roadmap is an option, only if you WANT to resell it!

In fact, the course was created to be a resource to all small business owners, as an affordable way to gain access to the real-life-strategies of marketing their business online.

Many people purchase it for the valuable business strategties, step-by-step set up, and the mentorship. They then use that information and grow eir own business.

You can apply the training provided to any digital business- selling ANYTHING online.

What High Income Skills are Taught in the Roadmap?

High Income skills are skills that are very valuable because, once learned correctly, yield a high return and increase in sales. Some of the High Income Skills you'll learn, and can greatly impact how successful your business is, in the Roadmap are:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Mastering SEO gives you the power to attract organic traffic and rank higher in search results, leading to more leads and conversions.
  • Marketing Automation: Utilizing automation tools for email marketing, social media scheduling, and lead nurturing can save time and boost efficiency.
  • Content Marketing: Building a content strategy, creating valuable content (articles, videos, infographics) across various formats, and distributing it effectively is crucial for long-term audience engagement.
  • Social Media Marketing: Understanding different platforms, engaging with your audience, and creating viral content are all essential for building a strong social media presence.
  • Copywriting: Compelling copy is the difference between capturing attention and getting lost in the crowd. Learn how to leverage Chat GPT to write persuasive copy, engaging website content, and captivating social media posts.
  • Consultative selling: Going beyond a product-centric approach and focusing on solving your client's specific problems and challenges can position you as a trusted advisor and command higher fees.
  • Sales funnels and automation: Building optimized sales funnels and incorporating automation tools can streamline your sales process and generate leads on autopilot.
  • Relationship building: Building trust and rapport with potential customers is crucial for long-term success.
Does it teach me how to create digital products?

There are mutltiple video modules showing you how to navigate Canva to create different products and resources you need for your business. The course teaches you how to do market research to determine if your idea is profitable and worth creating a digital product around.

It also has an entire module on how to create your own digital course within the Kajabi platform.

I don't really want to show my face, is this still worth purchasing?

The simple answer is absolutley. The fundamentals of business and marketing are important for everyone to learn and set up correctly in order to create sustainable, consistent income.

The Roadmap teaches you how to market your business using 4 different faceless strategies: SEO Optimization, Email Marketing, Blogging & Pinterest.

I can't pay in full, are there payment plan options?

There are Definitely Payment Plan Options available. You will see the options at the bottom of the checkout page, as well as detailed instructions on how to access them. There are payment options through Paypal, Afterpay, & Klarna. There are multiple options for the payment plans, so head to the next page to check them out!

If you are purchasing from outside the United States, historically Paypal (and sometimes Afterpay) may be the only options for financing.

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